History of the Auxiliary Police

In 1941 under the civil defense act Sayreville started what has evolved into today’s Auxiliary Police. In the beginning these volunteers fell under the control of the civil defense/disaster control department. The purpose of this council is to coordinate the efforts of its members in a common front to protect the lives and property of all persons within its territorial limits against enemy action or natural disaster, and to preserve our national security. At the time this was deemed necessary because of the constant threat of nuclear war with the USSR. The reason for the Civil Defense is that Whole areas and population groups would become isolated from the rest of the country in a post attack period. Therefore, the national plan has indicated that each local and state government must maintain a self sufficiency of four weeks until help could arrive.

Under this directive the Sayreville Police Department started its roll in civil defense with the forming of the Auxiliary police. According to records in 1952 the term Reserve was used to describe this group of volunteers and would be controlled by a Sergeant of the full time force. There roll was to aid the police department in daily activities. This remained until the formation of the Office of Emergency Management in 1985 when in a resolution written by the then mayor John McCormack stated ( That the designation of “Police Reserve” will be amended and be hence forth known as “Auxiliary Police” in accordance with the Office of Emergency management). Sayreville continued using the term Reserve as well as Special until January 11th 1989 as per Chief Douglas Sprague all use of the term Reserve and Special dispensed and would be known only as Auxiliary Police.

Today’s Auxiliary police are an important factor in the Borough of Sayreville. We are seen thought the town doing numerous jobs from simple patrols of parks to security details at Borough functions. We are the volunteers that are out there crossing you at church and protecting your safety at carnivals and celebrations such as the 4th of July and parades. The Sayreville Auxiliary police are a group of individuals whose sole propose is to serve by volunteering countless unseen hours for the greater good of the community.

The Auxiliary police are a self governing portion of the Office of Emergency management with our own ranks from Chief down to patrolman. We are an equal opportunity volunteer organization that is utilized by the Borough of Sayreville, contingent upon personnel availability and approval of the Chief of Police or Emergency Management Coordinator.

The Auxiliary Police, as a branch of the Office of Emergency Management, can be utilized by any emergency service in the Borough of Sayreville, i.e. Police, fire, or EMS, in the event of any incident where additional personnel are needed. Some duties but are not limited to, include, Traffic and/or crowd control, security, evacuation assistance, transportation or any other viable function during an emergency. Training requirements for the Auxiliary police are a Minimum of 144 hours per year, monthly meetings and at least 3 scheduled church duties per quarter as well as civic functions.

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